In Dashboard > Apps, find ConvertKit. Click Install.

This will prompt a modal that asks for an API Key.

The API Key can be found, by going to Settings > Advanced in ConvertKit. Insert your API Key into the modal within the Pico Dashboard. Click 'Install'. NOTE: The API Secret Key is the correct key. The API Key is not the correct key. Click 'Show' on ConvertKit, copy the key and paste it within the Pico Dashboard.

This will create an incomplete connection in ConvertKit. You should see a red 'x' icon beside the ConvertKit header. Click the settings icon in the lower right corner.

This will open a modal. From the dropdown, select the form from ConvertKit you wish to sync with.

If you have not created a form in ConvertKit, you will see this along the bottom of your modal.

You must create a form to complete the integration. At time of writing, that was located in Grow > Landing Pages & Forms > Create Form.

If you have created a form in ConvertKit and your integration is synced correctly, you will see your form in the dropdown. Select the form and the fields you would like to sync over. Click Continue.

A modal will appear. Click Start syncing.

This should complete the integration. A green checkmark icon should appear beside your ConvertKit header.

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