As the creator economy grows and evolves, owning your audience is more important than ever. Every follower on social media is a member of your audience, and as a creator, you want to be sure that you can connect and engage with them, even if a social media platform goes down for a day or changes their algorithm or policies.

In this world of changing algorithms and shifting rules, owning your audience is crucial to staying successful as a creator. But what does it mean to “own your audience”? Owning your audience means that your followers are more than just numbers and handles on a social platform; they’re direct contacts that you can reach out to directly via email, rather than just through social media.

If you know your audience and can connect with them independently, an update to the black box algorithm that pushes down your content means you can still get your content to your fans. If a site goes down for a day, you can still engage with your followers.

With a PicoLink, you can capture follower emails through a Signup block. Customize which signup methods appear, like email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. When someone signs up through your PicoLink, they become a contact and appear in your Contacts page in Pico.

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