Leverage your Pico-ActiveCampaign integration

If you use ActiveCampaign as your email service provider (ESP), you can use all the data in your Pico CRM to manage email newsletters, create robust marketing campaigns, and more. For example, you can leverage your Pico-ActiveCampaign integration to:

  • target paying readers who haven't visited your site in a while to reduce churn

  • tailor content newsletters based on what content category a reader consumes most or where they're reading from

  • target donors by total gift size or frequency of gift

  • send an email to readers whose trials are about to expire

  • manage exclusive email lists for paid subscribers or members

How to Integrate ActiveCampaign

Navigate to Dashboard > Apps section: https://dashboard.trypico.com/apps.

Click Install in the ActiveCampaign card:

Once you click Install, a modal will appear asking for your Client ID and API Key.

In ActiveCampaign, you'll need to click Settings and then Developer. API Access will be prompted. You will also find your Account Name by going to Settings > Account.

When filling out the information in Pico to integrate ActiveCampaign, your Client ID is your account name.

⚠️ NOTE: Your Client ID is NOT the full URL; it is only the section between https:// and .api-xxx. For example, https://sitename.api-xxx would have a Client ID of just sitename.

Your API Key is found in the full text in the Key section of Settings > Developer in ActiveCampaign.

Completing this step will result in an incomplete connection because a list must still sync over. This is why you'll see a red X next to the ActiveCampaign header.

Click the icon on the bottom right to open the Settings.

Two options will appear:

  • Master Contact List: this list is created automatically via ActiveCampaign. Other Lists already on ActiveCampaign will sync at this time as well.

  • Create a new audience: this option will create a new list in ActiveCampaign called 'Pico'.

⚠️ If you do not see these options or otherwise expected options, that means the integration failed. Re-enter your credentials making sure that your Client ID is your account name (not the full URL!) and your Key is from ActiveCampaign. If you are still experiencing difficulties setting up your account, reach out to us at [email protected].

When this integration has successfully synced, you will see the newly created Pico list in ActiveCampaign. You will find this in ActiveCampaign's Dashboard > Lists > Manage Lists.

Once you have doublechecked that the new list exists in ActiveCampaign, you'll head back to Pico and finish setting up the integration. Select your list and any fields you want synced to ActiveCampaign. Then click Continue.

(Learn more about what each field relates to in our article on Pico Contacts Merge Fields.)

A modal will then appear asking if you would like to start syncing. Click the button Start Syncing.

⚠️ NOTE: As your audience grows in Pico and their information syncs to ActiveCampaign, you may incur additional fees from ActiveCampaign in accordance with their billing tiers.

Once the syncing is complete, a green check will appear next to the ActiveCampaign header in the card.

Checklist for ActiveCampaign integration:

  • Did you make sure to uninstall any other previously configured ESPs?

  • Are you inputting your account name, NOT the full URL? (Ex: inputting sitename of https://sitename.api-xxx)

  • Did you activate API Access in your ActiveCampaign account?

  • Did you input the API key from ActiveCampaign?

  • Did you open the dropdown menu and choose which list to sync over?

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