Benefits of using Group Subscriptions

Group subscriptions are perfect for schools, companies, governments, or just families who want to buy multiple subscriptions under one name. Group subscriptions also allow for the designation of just one contact to serve as the group's billing administrator making management and billing easier for all group members.

In order to set up a Group subscription, you will have to create a new Product for the Group:

Setting up the Group subscription is similar to creating an Individual Subscription Product: you can edit the title, description, add any features to the description, and choose the specific benefits.

There are two main differences between an Individual and Group subscription: Pricing and Group Detail sections.

In the Pricing section, you can decide on the Pricing of the Group subscription either as a flat rate price (monthly or annually) or per person (the billing administrator pays for each member who joins at that time):

In the Group Detail section, you will fill out the billing administrator email. This is the person who will receive the invoice for your Group subscription.

You can also specify the number of members in the group whether it's a set amount or open to an unlimited amount of members.

The Group entry requirements allow you to choose the conditions on which members join. You can choose whether they can only join if they have a specific Access Code, have a pre-approved email (for instance, if the library provides you with specific emails), or through a pre-approved domain (such as the library's official email address).

Once this Group subscription has been created, a Group Landing Page will also be created (located beneath Payment Landing Pages). This is where you will find the link to send out for users to join the Group.


Once you have created the Group, the billing administrator will receive an invoice email.

Following the link sent in the invoice email, the group billing administrator will be shown the Group Landing Page. If they are not yet logged in to your site through Pico, they'll be asked to log in once they attempt to pay the invoice. If they don't have a password saved, they'll be sent a magic link.

An email with a Magic Link will be sent to them. Clicking on the Magic Link will direct them back to the Group invoice page. They can now enter their payment credentials and complete the group purchase since they are logged in. Once the payment has gone through, the Group invoice status in the Pico Dashboard will then show as paid.

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