In this article, we'll explain how to configure adding domains within the Pico Dashboard.

Sign into the Pico dashboard, and navigate to the the Settings portion of your Pico Dashboard by clicking the appropriate icon on the navbar located on the left side of your site. You can also get there by heading to:

Then find the Website tab on the top navbar and click into it.

The Domains subsection should be immediately visible.

Any domain that you have registered with Pico should be listed. In order to add a domain, simply click the Add domain tag located below the domains that have been registered.

This will open a new input to add another domain to your list of registered domains. Fill in the input with the new domain and click the Update Domains button located below the inputs.

A success flag should appear letting you know that your domains were successfully updated. Occasionally, you may want to check to see if everything is working correctly. In cases like these, click the Check installation on all domains tag which will trigger a soft refresh.

Need to add an additional domain to manage a separate Primary URL using the same login?

Feel free to contact Pico support at [email protected] to request and additional linked account.

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