In Pico, you have the option to create either free or premium newsletters. The newsletters are created separately from products or offers to allow a single newsletter to be on multiple offerings.

When users select newsletters, they will then be able to manage their selections from the Pico menu and the information will sync to your connected email service provider such as Mailchimp or through Zapier.

Creating a Newsletter

To create a new Newsletter, navigate to the newsletter management page in the dashboard.

Here, you'll have the option to name a newsletter, give it a description, and select if it should be added to any products that you may have.

When creating a Newsletter, the name will display on your Offers in Bold and the description will be listed below it. The order of newsletters can be altered by selecting the handles on the left from the Newsletters page in the Dashboard.

Disabling a Newsletter

If you no longer wish for a newsletter to be visible to any users, you can remove them from the product offerings, or you can delete the newsletter offering from the newsletter page removing it from all offers.

Restricting Access to Premium Newsletters

It is possible to restrict access to newsletters behind a subscription. To do so, check the box for the appropriate newsletter in the benefits section of your subscription product:

If you have multiple products and want to offer this newsletter on all of them, you'll want to make sure to add the newsletter to each of the products you offer.

Opt-in Rules

Certain countries require that all newsletter subscriptions are "opt-in", meaning a user has to choose to join a newsletter, and they should not be checked off by default when registering.

To control which newsletters are shown as selected when registering, edit the signup popup or landing page that you want to show to your users, then, make sure no newsletters are selected by default:

The newsletter will still be available when registering, just not checked by default. If you have a different audience for countries or regions that require opt-in logic, you can create a signup popup or landing page for those specific regions, and modify the selections. Then, you can update the popup Pageview Conditions to only display to users in a specific region. Users can also manage their newsletter preferences once registered.

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