Pico allows you to offer customized products to your customers in the form of subscriptions, passes, and donation boxes.

A Pass product allows you to offer access or membership values to users without setting up a recurring membership. These are useful for sites that want to offer limited access time for their product, e.g. yoga studios offering a membership.

In order to view or create a Pass, navigate to https://dashboard.trypico.com/products/passes

You will be shown a layout that displays all of your passes by default. If you would like to create a Pass plan, click the New pass button on the right of the screen.

This will open a layout that allows you to customize the Pass. In the Pitch section, you can specify your product and its features to your audience.

The Pricing section allows you to set up the value and duration of the Pass:

You also have the option to offer passes at a specific price that provides access for an unlimited amount of time:

If you'd like to offer a trial for the product, you can set it in the Trial section. Set the amount of time you would like the trial to run here:

In the Benefits section, you can set up to which newsletters this specific Pass product will receive access. You can also edit any content unlocking rules where you can unlock content you previously locked in your Settings page.

The Fields section allows you to collect specific information from the user when they select this product (i.e., a custom field for T-shirt size if that's a perk you offer to a user subscribing to this product).

When you are satisfied with the Pass Product details, go to the header and click Save!

Once completed, you'll see a confirmation message and be taken back to the main Offers page.

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