Note: Only applicable to subscribers currently paying with PayPal.

Due to restrictions between PayPal and Stripe, Pico is unable to import any payment information from PayPal. Subscribers who are currently paying with PayPal will be given new Pico accounts, but their subscriptions will no longer auto-renew. These users will have full access to the benefits associated with their plan until the end of their billing cycle.

If you are migrating from a subscription/paywall provider that uses a different payment gateway (like BrainTree), note that some of these PayPal subscribers may have already reached the end of their billing cycle during the 10-15 business days it took to migrate from Piano to Pico.

After each PayPal subscriber reaches the end of their billing cycle, we recommend reaching out to them and asking them to re-subscribe with a new payment method. The Pico team will provide you with a list of these subscribers and the end dates of their respective billing cycles.

Subject: "[ACTION REQUIRED] New payment method required"

Dear Reader,

Due to a recent upgrade of our subscription system, we no longer accept payments made with PayPal. Your account was migrated to the new system, but your subscription benefits ended with the conclusion of your last billing cycle. We ask that you renew your support by re-subscribing today with a new payment method.

You can access your account by visiting {{}}/?pn=manage_account.

Thank you for continued support.


[Your Name]

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