How do I migrate to Pico from another subscription vendor?

Step 1: Create a Pico account here.

Step 2: Integrate your Stripe account with Pico. If you don't have an existing Stripe account, you'll be asked to create a new one.

Step 3: Set up a Product (or multiple!) that matches the plan(s) you offer through your current subscription vendor.

Step 4(a): Email [email protected] with the following subject: "[Your Company Name] - Migration Request." *

***Please include the following information in your message:***

  1. Your current subscription vendor

  2. How your new Pico Monetization Plan(s) correspond to the plans you offer through your current subscription vendor

  3. An estimate of how many active subscribers you have

  4. Confirming that you've filled out our pre-migration questionnaire

At this point, Pico will reach out to your current provider to coordinate the export process of subscription data, so if you do not wish for Pico to inform your current provider, be sure to specify this explicitly in your migration request message.

Step 4(b) - only applies if you are migrating from a Non-Stripe Payment Provider (e.g. Braintree): Please contact your current provider's support to schedule the migration process. Once the process is initiated, all of your current subscriptions will stop auto-renewing. In light of that, we highly recommend that you have Pico up and running on your site when you start the migration process in order to continue capturing new readers and subscribers.

Since this process includes exporting payment tokens from a different payment gateway, such as Braintree, we estimate that migrations from can take 10-15 business days. Once the migration is complete, your original subscriptions will resume auto-renewing, with certain exceptions. See communication recommendations below for more details. If you need help contacting your payment provider, Pico can assist with this step.

Step 5: We'll reach out to you when the migration is complete! The Pico team will create accounts for all of your active subscribers, and you'll see them appear in your Pico database.

How can I prepare my subscribers for the migration to Pico?

Communication with your subscribers leading up to and after the migration is key to a positive customer experience. There are several messages we recommend sending, although not all of them may apply to your business case:



Still have questions?

For more information, visit our Migration FAQ page. If that doesn't help, please send any questions directly to [email protected] or you can visit our knowledge base for more information.

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