If you have an existing signup form on your site (like the one below), you can use a Form Trigger to integrate it with Pico registration. After submitting the form, users will confirm their registration information on Pico.

To connect your existing form, follow the three steps below:

  1. Make sure that the Pico Code is installed on your site.

  2. Add "PicoSignupForm" as a class to the <form> element.

  3. Include an <input> with type="email" in the <form>.

  4. Include an <input> or a <button> with type="submit" in the <form>.

<form class="PicoSignupForm">
<h1>Get the latest articles in your inbox.</h1>
<input type="email" placeholder="Email">
<input type="submit" value="Sign Up">

That's it! The main Pico code snippet running on your site will recognize the PicoSignupForm class name.

If you'd like to hide the form for registered users, or replace the form with "thank you" messaging for registered users, you can do so with Pico Signals.

After submitting the form, users will be able to select their newsletter preferences and confirm that they wish to register on a Pico pop-up.

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