Pico allows you to offer customized products to your customers in the forms of subscriptions, passes, and donation boxes.

In order to create a new donation box, navigate to https://dashboard.trypico.com/products/donationboxes

You will be shown a layout that displays all of your passes by default. If you would like to create a new donation box, click the New donation box button on the right of the screen.

This will open a layout that allows for customizing the donation box:

You can create a name for the donation box product by clicking the edit pencil:

This will allow you to identify your donation box and keep them organized.


Suggestions allow you to provide default amounts for donations so that your users can quickly select an amount to donate but still have the option to enter a custom value.

You can suggest up to four different contribution amounts within either the one-time or monthly payment interval.

If you want to add a new suggestion, click Add suggestion and a new input will appear. Fill in the input with the desired amount.

In order to delete a suggestion, select the small button to the left of the input.


Fields allow you to set up custom inputs to collect additional information about the donator. This is great for collecting information such as name, address, or any other information you might need to tie together with the donation.

If you want to add a field, click the New field button seen below:

This opens a modal that allows you to add a field. Customize as needed and click Done when finished.

Once you are satisfied, go to the header and click Save!

If all goes well, a success flag will appear to confirm the donation box was made.

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