Following best practices and in accordance with privacy legislation protecting user's rights to their information, Pico believes in transparency around user data.

Notification Preferences

Pico allows users to control the types of notifications they would prefer to receive, which can be configured as Newsletters in the Pico platform. When initially registering an account with Pico, users will be able to select the newsletters they'd like to receive. This can be set to opt-in / disabled by default as explained in the "Opt-In" section of the following article:

It is the responsibility of the Community using Pico to respect the preferences set by a user.

If you would like to market to users, separate from newsletters that they opt in to, we recommend setting up "marketing" as a newsletter that you set to default opt out, so users can choose to receive that type of communication.

Personal Data Retained for a User

Users can edit their name, email, password, newsletter preferences, and payment methods through Pico directly.

In addition, Pico also stores information about users to help Communities identify sources of user registration and/or payments. This includes, but is not limited to, information about browsing device, referral source, and geographic location.

This data is available in the Dashboard App Contacts section, and can be exported to be provided to a user upon request.

Removing Personal Data

Users can choose to delete their account or ask for the Community to delete their account on their behalf. Upon confirmation, all personal data associated with the user's email address will be removed from the Community's Pico account. For users with access to premium content/features through paid membership in a community, deleting their account will remove this access.

Any users with accounts on multiple Communities using Pico can reach out to Pico Support ([email protected]) to delete all their information at once, or they can delete only their information from selected Communities. Once a user account has been removed from a Community, visitors registering with that email on a site using Pico in the future will be treated as a new user.

Third Parties

Pico shares user data with specific third parties in order to fulfill the features and functionality of the platform.

In order to provide payment services, user payment information is stored securely in Stripe.

If users registered on Pico using social platforms, such as Facebook or Google, users will need to revoke access to Pico through the individual accounts.

User information may also be transferred to Mailchimp, Zapier, or other third parties connected via webhooks. Removal of this data is the responsibility of the Community using Pico.

Pico does not sell user data to third parties.

For more information, please review our Privacy Policy or Member Agreement pages.

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