A landing page hosts the flow for a signup or payment in either a sharable, pre-formatted webpage or an embeddable iframe that you can insert into a custom-designed webpage.

Creating a landing page

To create a landing page, navigate to the Offers page of the Pico Dashboard, and then select "New landing page." From there, select the landing page type (Signup or Payment) you would like to create: https://dashboard.trypico.com/offers/landing_pages

In the following example, we will create a signup page with the steps below.

  1. After creating the landing page, you can edit the name of the landing page by selecting the pencil next to it.

  2. You can then edit the text and design of the landing page. This will allow you to set any custom text that you would like to show on the signup landing page.

  3. Set the signup methods that you'd like to allow users to signup with such as email, Facebook, Google, or any of the other options we have available.

  4. Finally, you can set the Newsletters that you'd like to have available on the signup page. You can choose which Newsletters are available to select and can show unselected Newsletters as an optional value or decide to only show the ones that you select.

Once saved, you'll then be able to use this landing page by copying the landing page link. To copy this link, you will return to the Offers page, and select the menu option next to the landing page you've created. You'll then be able copy the link and view the landing page that can be shared and linked to as shown below:

Primary landing page

The default landing page will show the landing page selected from your account settings here: https://dashboard.trypico.com/settings/landingpages

You will first need to have created a landing page in the Offers portion of the Dashboard here: https://dashboard.trypico.com/offers/landing_pages

Pico creates a pre-made landing webpage for you (https://trypico.com/{**your_publication_username**}), which you can redirect to from your own vanity URL or link to from a newsletter or social media. You can update the username on the landing pages settings.

You can also use our provided iframe code to insert the registration and payment interface as an inline element on a custom page on your site (e.g., donate.publication.org or subscribe.publication.com). To retrieve the iframe embedded code, you can copy it directly to your clipboard by selecting the settings menu next to the landing page you would like to embed on the offers page here: https://dashboard.trypico.com/offers/landing_pages

Static landing pages

You can also use a static landing page for every landing page you create. The static landing page shows the signup or payment interface to all visitors who have the link, regardless of the default page you have set (ideal for special offers). Visitors who are already registered or who have paid are automatically redirected to the publication’s homepage.

To retrieve the link for a static landing page, you can copy it from the landing page settings menu here: https://dashboard.trypico.com/offers/landing_pages

This tool is quite powerful as it allows you to create as narrowly worded landing page that can be used to capture signups and payments. This also allows you to place it anywhere on your site or on a custom page.

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