If you want to show different popups to different users, you can utilize the Pageview Conditions on popups to control who will see the popups and limit popups to specific users. These conditions can also be set within the website settings to control how page locking is shown to different users.

Pageview Conditions for Popups

To set custom Pageview conditions for a popup, you'll first want to edit the Popup you would like to set the conditions on.

Next, under Settings and then Automatic Triggers, select the "Show every X pageview(s)." This will open up the additional settings for the Popup and allow you to control how frequently the popup appears.

Once you have set the popup conditions that you would like, you can then select the Pageview conditions.

When selected, a new prompt will display showing you the options available for controlling when the popup is displayed. For instance, in the example below, we have set that we want the popup to appear only to users who we detect have an ad blocker on:

The following is a full list of the conditions available to set:

Page Labels: Control the popup to show or not show based on specific labels you set on the page in the Page Properties snippet.

URL: Only show the popup if the URL contains or does not contain a set string. This allows you to deny any popups on a specific URL.

Visitor Location: Only show this popup to users in a specific location or do not show to users in specific locations.

Visitor Device: Only to certain users based on which device they are accessing from such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Ad Blocker: Show the popup based on their detected adblock status.

Session Source: This allows you to set the source where the visitor is coming from like if they came from a social website or search engine.

Multiple conditions can be set so if you'd like to show a popup for any mobile users that come from email or social, you can set the Pageview Conditions to account for this:

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