If the Pico plugin is not loading correctly on your site, make sure the following steps have been taken:

  • The Pico plugin is correctly installed (installing plug-in).

  • The Primary URL for your site is correctly entered in the dashboard under Account > Settings > Website (account settings). The URL must match your domain exactly (ie yoursite.com vs www.yoursite.com). Note: only the primary is required, but if you do have other sites such as a development, staging, or TOS you can enter it here.

  • The Publisher ID and and API key are correctly entered in the Pico plugin.

  • The Pico plugin is up-to-date and activated from your Wordpress Admin page.

  • Ensure there are no VPNs running on your machine. Pico will not work correctly with some VPN providers.

If you are still having issues you can contact at [email protected] or through the Intercom button (see below) in your Pico dashboard.

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