With Stripe as our payment processor, Pico supports businesses that are incorporated in one of the 43 countries supported by Stripe: https://stripe.com/global. If your business is not incorporated in one of the supported countries listed, you can incorporate in the United States using Stripe Atlas (https://stripe.com/atlas) and set up a US bank account.

For international communities, Stripe supports all currencies (135+) when it comes to presentment which is what your users see and pay. Please note that you can create different products in Pico, each with a different presentment currency, in the event you wish to collect different types of currency.

The money you earn from your audience is then ultimately converted into the settlement currency (if necessary), which depends on the country where your business is incorporated. In some cases, Stripe will allow you to connect multiple bank accounts from other countries to handle multiple settlement currencies. For more information on the country specific rules around settlement currency, please visit https://stripe.com/docs/payouts#supported-accounts-and-settlement-currencies.

Additionally, while Pico's user interface, transactional emails, and Support are currently only offered in English, as a community, you have control over the text on popups and landing pages that your users interact with which allows you to customize and display your preferred language.

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