In our latest version of Pico, we've made changes and updates to the Settings page here:

⚠️ Links to the Dashboard will not be available until version 2 is fully released.

Account Settings

The account settings tab will allow you to set your account information:

From this page, you'll have access to update your Community's information that will be shown on receipts, as well as your Community's support email that will be used as the reply to email for responses to emails from Pico.

This page also holds the settings for updating the account that you are logged in with. If you need to update your profile or password, you can do so from this page:


The billing menu on the settings page is where you'll now be able to set up your billing information and see your current usage:


The teams menu is new to Pico version 2.0. This menu allows you to add users to your account and get them set up with access to the Pico dashboard. This is where you'll be able to add or remove any users that should have access on your team to the Pico system!

Menu & Appearance

The Menu and Appearance settings menu is where you can update your logo for the Pico launcher and color. You can also see the links available in the Pico launcher and can get the Pico Button Triggers for each of these:

From here, you'll also be able to customize which popup you would like to display to visitors when they select the Pico launcher on your site. This means you can set a subscription popup to display to users as the default with the new system!

Landing Pages

The landing pages settings menu allows you to customize the name of your Pico landing page URL and allows you to set which default signup or payment form will be shown to users when they navigate to your Pico landing page:


The website settings menu is where you'll now set up your authorized domains. We've upgraded the system to allow for as many authorized domains as you would like:

Additionally, this is where you will now set up your page and content locking:

The final section of the Website settings are the custom taxonomies and the Pico plugin script that is generated with your account information to easily copy and install Pico on your site:

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