In the latest version of Pico, we've moved the pricing tiers and options out of the monetization plans and into individual products.

This allows you to create products with specific pricing, tier names, and access rules that can then be used in multiple product Offers for Landing Pages and Popups. This will be useful in keeping the organization of the actual subscription products you offer to visitors and allow you to create multiple Popups and Landing pages that can have a linked product on them. This means that updating pricing for a product will affect all users who have subscribed to that product, no matter which subscription popup they used to subscribe on.

A view of the Product setup can be seen here:

Some similarities that you may see between this and a monetization plan from Pico version 1.17 are the Pitch description and features, which were previously the description and features on a Monetization Plan's tier.

Additionally, the plan-audience linking that was previously used no longer exists, allowing you to show different product offerings to your users regardless of their geography, referral source, device type, or ad-blocking status. These rules now exist directly on the Offers that you create that then have Products on them. They are available on Popups and Landing pages under the "Pageview conditions" option.

For article access and page locking, these rules have been moved to the Website menu of the Settings page here:

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