In Pico V2 we are now separating Landing Pages and Popups from the old Monetization Plans and Registration Rules. Landing Pages and Popups will now be created in the Offers tab of the Dashboard App. Within Offers, you can create unique Landing Pages and Popups for both signups and payments. These are fully customizable and you'll be able to use custom fields based on the information you are looking to collect from your users through your Landing Pages and Popups.

Along with this, we've moved content locking and page locking to the settings page.

On the new version of Pico, you'll be able to create new Landing pages and Popups from the Offers page here:

Your existing plans, landing pages and popups will be migrated to the new version so that existing setup will carry over.

Within the new Offers page, when creating a landing page, you'll now have full customization features that allow you to set Landing Page or Popup specific customization for the header images and content displayed. You'll also set the Popup frequency from the customization menu here:

The new Offers page will also allow you to set customized fields for these Popups and Landing Pages. This will allow you to collect any additional information you might need from your users!

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