The Contacts tab of the Dashboard App is where all of your user data lives. This dynamic table allows you to search for individual contacts, filter through contacts, and complete bulk actions for multiple contacts at once. Given the vast amount of data provided in this table, as a Community, you can adjust the table settings to show as many or as few columns as you would like, with the only fixed field being user email addresses.

Individual Contacts

To search for an individual contact, simply type the user's name or email address in the search box and hit "enter." From there, you can click on the user row you are interested in to expand their profile as shown below. We have also updated the system from using whitelisting to free access:

Within the individual contact, you can view and edit their contact information, newsletter preferences, view membership status, engagement with your website, associated custom properties, and signup/payment activity. This is a good resource to use when solving individual support issues since you can view all of their account information here.


Within the Contacts section, you have the ability to filter and sort through your contacts directly within the Dashboard App, based on custom properties, engagement, payment information (membership, total spent, etc.), signup information (date, location, etc.), and profile information (age, gender, newsletters, etc.).

Multiple filters can even be applied at once! For example, if you are interested in isolating subscribers within a specific time period, like the first 15 days of March 2021, you would be able to filter for Membership type = "Individual Subscriber" and Signup Date between "3/1/21 and 3/15/21."

Bulk Actions

In addition to searching for individual contacts and filtering, you can also complete bulk actions for existing contacts within the Dashboard App. From the Manage overflow menu, you can send magic links, grant free access, or cancel subscriptions for multiple users at once.

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