⚠️ This article refers to Pico Version 1.17 and will be removed or updated in the future once we release Pico Version 2.0.

Utilizing Mailchimp's customer Journeys, it's possible to create a set of automated emails for a specific tier or multiple tiers that share the same automated emails.

To get started, navigate to the "automations" tab of Mailchimp and select "Customer Journey" to enter the Customer Journey dashboard. Then select "Create" and "Customer Journey":

You'll then be taken to a new screen that will allow you to set a name for the automation. Give it something descriptive about what you're going to be doing, then select "Start Building":

You'll be shown a screen to select a starting point, press the button and on the new screen go to "Contact Activity" then "Audience field changes":

On the new screen, you'll be instructed to select an Audience field. In this instance, we will want to select "Tier" then enter in the exact tier name that we are looking to trigger this for:

Once created, you'll then be taken to the customer journey map. You can then set up an additional starting point if you'd like to have this same journey for multiple tiers (1). Additionally, if you want to filter for additional fields you can set those underneath the starting point (2). Next, you would then set up your cadence of emails. You can first set a delay if you'd like (3), then you can add in an action such as sending an email (4).

You can add multiple steps by then adding a delay after the email and creating a follow-up email. A flow of a few emails set up to send an hour after joining a specific tier and then a week later can be seen below:

Once you have completed your customer Journey, you can then select "Continue" in the top right corner and start your automation:

Finally, if you have multiple tiers and need to set up additional customer journeys of the same type, you can go back to the dashboard, select the "Automations" menu from the dashboard, then "Customer Journeys". Navigate to the "My Journeys tab, and locate the Journey you have created. From here select the overflow menu with the three vertical dots and then select "Replicate". This will create a duplicate of this journey which you can then modify the tier names for and create a similar path.

If you run into issues with this or need additional assistance setting this up. Please let us know by emailing [email protected]

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