⚠️ This article refers to Pico Version 1.17 and will be removed or updated in the future once we release Pico Version 2.0.

Steps on how to help your user cancel their subscription auto-renewal

If a user would like to cancel their subscription auto-renewal, they can select the cancel option under manage subscription/donation within the widget menu.
This will opt the user out of any future renewals and their account will remain active through the end of the current billing cycle. 

Recapturing cancellations with Mailchimp Campaigns

If you wish to create a campaign to try to recapture these cancellations through Mailchimp, we recommend setting up an automated email campaign targeting readers with a value in the 'FINAL PAYMENT' field and a value in the 'TIER' field.  This means the reader has canceled and made their final payment, but has not yet reached the end of their final billing cycle. 

You can create campaigns in Mailchimp based around the payment interval (monthly, yearly, etc.) to send them an email a few days before the end of the final billing period.

Canceling a user's subscription immediately from the Pico CRM

If instead, you'd like to cancel a user's subscription immediately, you can do so through the Pico CRM. This is most common for cases of full refunds where you immediately want to revoke access.

Search for the user's record, then select the record. In the "Membership" section, click on the 3 dots icon and select "Stop Subscription"

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