An up-to-date list to Pico's CRM merge fields, what they're called, and expected values.

*Warning*: Do not edit merge tags in Mailchimp. Pico will not properly sync with your integrations otherwise.

Pico makes the CRM data available through integrations with Mailchimp and Zapier. This data can be used for segmentation as needed, and this page outlines the available data fields to use.

Learn more about configuring Mailchimp.

Many of these values are straightforward, or based on the name of plans/newsletters configured in your Pico account.

For segmenting paying users based on their Membership value, the following is a list of potential values.

Individual Subscriber
Monthly Donor
Individual Subscriber (Gift)
Whitelisted Subscriber
Pass Holder
Pass Holder (Gift)
Group Subscriber (Admin)
Group Subscriber
Ex- Individual Subscriber
Ex- Pass Holder
Ex- Whitelisted Subscriber
Ex- Monthly Donor
Ex- Group Subscriber

For a complete list of values, please review the chart below.

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