⚠️ This article refers to Pico Version 1.17 and will be removed or updated in the future once we release Pico Version 2.0.

Leverage your Pico-Mailchimp integration

If you use Mailchimp as your email service provider (ESP), you can use all the data in your Pico CRM to manage email newsletters as well as create audience segments for email marketing campaigns. For example, you can leverage your Pico-Mailchimp integration to:

  • target paying readers who haven't visited your site in a while to reduce churn
  • tailor content newsletters based on what content category a reader consumes most or where they're reading from
  • target donors by total gift size or frequency of gift
  • send an email to readers whose trials are about to expire
  • manage exclusive email lists for paid subscribers or members

Integrating Mailchimp:

Navigate to the Settings > Integrations in the Pico Publisher app (https://publisher.pico.tools/settings/integrations).

Click "Connect" next to Mailchimp.


Follow the in-window prompt to login to your Mailchimp account:


And then click on your account:

Once you select your account, the window will redirect back to the Pico Publisher app. To see your newly synced Pico list in Mailchimp, log in to Mailchimp and navigate to Lists. You'll see a newly created list called "Pico":

If you open that list and click on the Toggle Columns button...

…you'll notice that most of the available columns you can add to your table view are custom for Pico, such as "Paying", "Total Paid", and "Days Left on Trial."

⚠️ NOTE: If you do not see the information automatically syncing to your newly create audience list make sure that you do not have merge fields marked as required. With the exception of email, it's possible that Pico won't have other contact information, so the attempts to create these records in your Mailchimp audience will fail if you have required fields enabled.

How to edit Pico-Mailchimp merge fields

From your Pico CRM, from your "settings" section on the left hand side, navigate to your "Integrations" option: https://publisher.pico.tools/settings/integrations
Click on the Mailchimp "Settings" button to view your current integration.

On the left hand side from the drop down menu, you will see the current Mailchimp Audience that your merge fields are syncing to. It is recommended to merge any existing audience list into one master called "Pico" so you can easily manage from one audience list.  (If you need additional help on how to merge list, Mailchimp has extensive instructions on this process here.)
On the right hand side you will see a list of all merge fields available. (For an updated list of Pico's merge fields, please click here.) You can toggle which merge fields you want to sync to your selected Mailchimp audience list by checking the box to the left of the field. 

The syncing of data from Pico to Mailchimp is one direction. 

For example, when a new user registers an email from your registration rule or monetization rule, you will see a new record populate in your Pico CRM. Then, based on the following merge fields you have selected within this Pico-Mailchimp integrations page, the selected merge field data will automatically sync and populate in the audience list you have designated.
To verify, try testing your registration rule and sign in with a test email account. Then log into to your Mailchimp account and view the audience list, you should see the newly created contact with corresponding merge field data available for that contact. 

Changing values in Mailchimp will not sync to your Pico CRM automatically.

If you need have values in your existing Mailchimp, for example, "Newsletters" that need to be updated to your Pico CRM, and you update the contact value in Mailchimp, you will not see the change in your Pico CRM. If you need to update a group of contacts from Mailchimp, please contact [email protected] and email us your request.

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